Past Worship Services at Epworth

Worship Service for September 13
Worship Service for September 20
Worship Service for September 27
Worship Service for October 4
Worship Service for October 11
Worship Service for October 18

Past Messages by the Moderator of the United Church

Message of March 22
Message of March 29
Easter Message
Message of April 19
Message of April 26
Message of May 3

Antler River Watershed Regional Council

Pastoral Letter from President Joyce Payne

Past Messages from Pastor Kim and Family Minister Linda

"June Communion"
"Pastor Kim's study of the Book of Revelation, chapters 2-3"
"Minister Linda discusses how God uses a variety of wildlife to teach us life lessons."
"Minister Linda's message about how even during difficult times it is important to focus on gratitude and hope."
"The fourth of Pastor Kim's studies of the Book of Revelation, specifically the letter to the church in Thyatira"
"Minister Linda on..What's Next?"
"Pastor Kim continues his study of Revelation, specifically, Jesus' letter to the church in the city of Sardis."
"Minister Linda's Father's day message"
"Minister Linda's Message on optimism for youth, young adults, and pretty much anyone else"
"Pastor Kim's continuing study of the Book of Revelation, specifically, Jesus' letter to the Christians in Philadelphia."
"Minister Linda: When fighting your giants, you are never alone"
"Linda uses an old writing of hers to show how maps are like the church and the Bible."
"Pastor Kim's continuing study of the Book of Revelation... the postman visits Laodicea, the last of the seven churches in Asia Minor, to deliver his letter from Jesus. "
"Linda's thoughts on prayerfulness, which is the habit of talking with God and can be a vital key to hope and joy. "
"As the Cottam United Church reopens, we are reminded of the Tabernacle of the Old Testament and how God's people worshipped Him wherever they were. "
"The parable of the Sower and the Seed."
"Life comes with disappointments and how we handle them is important."
"Pastor Kim's message for July 26, 2020"
"Managing Expectations"
"I didn't mean to"
"Jacob, who deceived his father and brother 20 years earlier..."
"Be who God designed you to be."
"You are wonderfully made. Express yourself"
"Knowing Grace."
"The Green-eyed Monster"
"The consequences ofJacob's favouritism for Joseph"
"Communion for August 9"
"Joseph has his chance to get even with his brothers. But what will he do?"
"Today, we move into the book of Exodus..."
"Building trust"
"Keeping secrets."
"Good friends."
"As a child."
"The story of Passover."
"Back to school feelings"
"Back to class"

Tim Charter's Previous Messages

"The Perfect Storm"
"Eternal Hope"
"Good Friday Message"
"Easter Message"
"What Does the Mountaintop Look Like?"
"Dealing with Stress"
"Where is God?...1 John 5:5"
"The role of the church and our individual walks to display the truth of who God is to a dying world - Part one"
"Keeping God as the Infinite Centre of Your Worship - Part 2"

Tim's Revelation Studies

"Introduction to Revelation"
"Tim delves deeper into Revelation Chapter 1."
"Join Tim as he finishes Revelation Chapter 1"
"Join Tim as he shares the first of 7 letters to the churches. Revelation 2:1-7"
"Tim explains the letters to Smyrna and Pergamum in Revelation Chapter 2."

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